Rocketry Links

General Interest:


  • VerroCheck - Generates free weekly reports on your web site, check for broken links, spelling errors and provides search engine optimisation advice. This is another web site I designed/built and run.
  • MySQL - An open source database management system. It's very fast and every release brings it closer to the other commercial databases on the market. If it's good enough for NASA it's good enough for me.
  • PostgeSQL - Another open source database management system.It's slightly more mature than MySQL. It has some features which MySQL doesn't have (yet).
  • PHP - The best web scripting language, in my humble opinion.
  • - A widely used open source web server.
  • GNU - Without GNU and the free software movement I wouldn't have my favorite linux distributions, web server, database management system and programming languages.
  • FreeNATS - A cool (and free) automatic network status testing, alerting and reporting package.

Other Random Stuff:

  • - A friend's web site Have you seen the purple pixie?
  • Rocket Store - Rocketry Retailer with both a retail and online store. Highly recommended, and the owner is very helpful. Features a large choice of anything from model, through mid power to High Power rocketry.
  • Sculthorpe Moor (Hawk and Owl Trust Nature Reserve) - The first Hawk & Owl Trust Nature Reserve, and the newest in Norfolk. Link added after I spent an enjoyable team building day (with my colleagues from work) as a volunteer cutting down and burning willow. It was hard work, but I thought we achieved a lot. The staff have some very big plans for the future. As we walked round the reserve, I wish I bought my camera as there were plenty of good photo opportunities.
  • - A mail order rocketry supplier which have been very friendly and reliable.



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