The following is a list of web sites I have developed which includes a screen shot of each one. Click on the screen shot to open the site in a new window.


Verrocheck Screenshot

Verrocheck (http://www.verrocheck.co.uk)

VerroCheck provides weekly reports on the top 10 pages of your web site, and provides the following features: Spell Checking - Find spelling errors on your site; Link checking - Find broken links, images, external style sheets and javascript files; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) analysis - provides suggestions on how to improve your search engine rankings; Free notification via email of broken links / images every week

Norwich Portal Screenshot

Norwich Portal (http://www.norwichportal.co.uk)

Norwich Portal is a site which provides news headlines, travel news, weather and a comprehensive directory focused on Norwich and the surrounding area.

Rocketeer Screenshot

Rocketeer (http://www.rocketeer.org.uk)

Rocketeer is a web based game based around the world of model rocketry. The main aim of the game is to gain experience points by building and launching rockets. The game was written mainly written in HTML, DHTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL for the back end database (which consists of nearly 40 tables). This has been the hardest and most satifying web site I've ever built. At the time of writing the game has 261 players, and has been well received by the player community.

Norwich Search Screenshot

Norwich Search (http://www.norwich-search.com)

Norwich Search is a real spidering (like google) search engine and directory specifically for Norwich. All sites are manually screened before being added to the index to preserve the quality of the search results and value to the visitor.

Verrotech Control Panel Screenshot

Verrotech Control Panel (http://beta.vcp.st)

The Verrotech Control Panel is an advanced control panel for customers of Verrotech (the web hosting company). This new version of the VCP features dynamic drop down menus, graphical display of web usage reports (including geographical information displayed on a world map), as well as the more conventional bar graphs and pie charts.

NASRA Media Browser

NASRA Media Browser (http://media2.nasra.org.uk)

The NASRA media browser is a photo gallery for the Norfolk and Suffolk Rocketry Association. It features dynamic creation of thumbnail images, EXIF data capture, full searching capabilities as well as the more conventional browse. The media browser also features an image upload form where members can add submit their own pictures to be displayed.

Rocket Simulator

Rocket Simulator (http://www.rocket-simulator.com)

A web site which provides visitors with a way to estimate the performance of their model rockets using numerical methods. The site also features parachute size calculators and other useful items.

Red Metasearch and directory screenshot.

Red Meta Search and Directory (http://www.red.st)

A meta search (meaning it searches multiple search engines at once) engine and internet directory based upon the open directory project.

UK Short Domains

UK Short Domain Names (http://www.short-domains.co.uk)

A web site which gives visitors access to a database of available three letter UK short domain names (org.uk, co.uk, me.uk).

LM Horstead Garage Screenshot

L. M. Horstead (http://www.lmhorstead.co.uk)

A web site for a family run Swanton Morley garage.


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